Core Technology

The core technology of improving biogas production and purification process


Apply to Lignocellulosic raw material, Straw, Garden waste

Technical characteristics

Microorganism pretreatment, Fast degradation of cellulose, hemicellulose, etc, Produces a lot of volatile fatty acids, effectively shorten the hydraulic retention time of digester, improve the utilization rate of materials.

This technology is specially applied in the pretreatment of fiber raw materials. YHR are collaborating with the German company BIONOVA for the application of this technology, and we have obtained a patent in China.It has been successfully applied in some new and renovated biogas projects in Europe. It is a fiber raw material pretreatment technology that has been proved feasible by practical engineering. At present, our company has been successfully applied in large scale biogas projects in China.

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    Laboratory application

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    Project application

    Hydrolysis technology can greatly improve the availability of raw materials, even for the raw material condition is not good also can improve the biogas production effect